The fastest local travel information in one App. Wherever you are in the world.

This App gives you always surprising travel tips or important information in your own language, wherever you are in the world. Within three seconds you can easily find what you are looking for in your area.

If you choose “Feel Free 24/7”, you will always have a range of travel services with you in your own language. It’s easy and incredibly fast. This application will surprise you positively, not only abroad. Also at home, in your own country, you will discover a lot of news. Life becomes a lot more adventurous. Discover it for yourself and share with your friends, family and acquaintances what you have discovered now.

Look for

  • help
  • passport
  • accommodation
  • transportation
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  • sporting
  • local shopping
  • restaurants
  • museums
  • theaters
  • train tickets
  • flight schedules
  • much more

on your display of your mobile phone or tablet, wherever you are in the world!

No Boundaries

Now you have a worldwide travel service without language or country barriers. You will find your way, get the answers you need although the people around you do not understand you.

  • Travel Information from A to Z
  • On almost every question an answer in Your Own language
  • Worldwide
  • Advertising Free Results
  • Fast and Easy
  • Practical Information you really Need
  • Reviews from others
  • Qualitative Information
  • For Business People, Adventurers, Free time spending

To the Point

Speedy & Easy

Always A Surprising Rich Experience

The World speaks my Language

wherever I am

All Essential Travel Services in one Place

When you’re on holiday, or on a business trip, the last last thing you want to worry is where finding, between all the advertisements, your essential travel information, emergency phone numbers, contact persons, so that’s why FEEL FREE 24/7 is a smart option. It’s to the point. You can do a few clicks to find only the best travel information you really ask for or talk to the right person in your own language, wherever you are. And it is from the highest quality information suppliers.

Fast and Simple Navigation

Within 3 seconds you will find only the information you really need. To make your trip more smartly and easy, just do a few clicks.

Global and Up to Date

Travelling should be fun and discovery and the FEEL FREE 24/7 travel services will help you to get to most out of your time abroad. You’ll find useful information and connections when you need help. For example when your passport is lost. And it also gives you worldwide handy hints about what to do nearby, find an accommodation or a parking spot and much more. And what we like most, it always surprises us with the most beautiful places, even in our own known surroundings.

Nearby in Your Own Language

The beautiful part of FEEL FREE 24/7 services is that the travel information is in your own language wherever you are and automatically follows the geographical position of your mobile phone. In this way you always have local information which you understand independent what language the people around you speak.

The Most Powerful ALL in one Travel Services. Say hello to FEEL FREE 24/7.

Travel Service in your own language, wherever you are

By using FEEL FREE 24/7, you have quickly access to all kind of travel services worldwide, from train information, accommodations,shopping, going out, museums, and gasoline stations to the declaration of loss or theft of debit and credit card. Worldwide this practical aid is always within arm’s reach. By clicking on simple icons, you get direct and in your own language the desired support, wherever you are in the world.

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The Feel Free 24/7 Travel Services is available for Android and IOS smartphones in three languages: Dutch, English and German.

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